The expert Jury traditionally consists of representatives of German Variety theatres and former artists. Together at the Gala show on Sunday evening they vote for the GRAND AWARD OF THE JURY which comprises a contract at Krystallpalast Varieté Leipzig.

Further, each represented Variety theatre awards a special prize connected to a contract to their favorite artist. Furthermore, the audience will vote for their favorite performance in form of the GRAND AWARD OF THE AUDIENCE.


Silvia Cabello  Director Varieté et cetera, Bochum


Georg Strecker  Director Wintergarten Varieté, Berlin


Simone Schnell  Casting & Booking GOP Showconcept, Hannover


Dorothee Kipp Casting & Booking, Circus Roncalli

Heike Grammbitter Director Pegasus Varieté, Bensheim


Berti Hahn Director Festungsvarieté, Koblenz


Gerd Voigt Artist, Leipzig


Urs Jäckle Artistic Director Krystallpalast Varieté, Leipzig


Grand Award of the Jury, Krystallpalast Varieté Leipzig

Grand Award of the Audience, Krystallpalast Varieté Leipzig

Wintergarten Varieté, Berlin

GOP Showconcept, Hannover 

Pegasus Varieté, Bensheim 

Varieté et cetera, Bochum

Circus Roncalli & Roncalli's Apollo Varieté, Düsseldorf

Winterträume Varieté, Pforzheim

Festungsvarieté, Koblenz