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Tickets: 0341 140660

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions. If you cannot find your answer and still have questions please contact Friederike Otte (f.otte@krystallpalastvariete.de).

Application Questions

No! Artists of every age can apply.

  • Filled in, signed application form
  • Unedited video in full length
  • 3 pictures (promotion pictures, resolution min. 300 dpi - 1 MB) not printed!
  • Passport copies

Yes, therefore the description of every act needs to be filled in again.

Yes. In this case fill in the completely application documents separately for each act.

Everyone who has had a full contract with their act in a German Variety theatre/dinner show/circus.

If it was no permanent contract in a German Variety theatre/dinner show/circus. Other festival participations or gala shows do not count. All previous performances need to be mentioned in the application form.

Yes, as long as it has never been performed in fornt of professional audiences. Prevous contracts need to be mentioned in the application form.

Also former participants can apply again as far as it is a completely new act.

Yes, through the online form.

To be fair and to be able to calculate the length of the show, performances should not be longer than six minutes.

As we have never seen your act live before it is important to see it on the video as you would present it at the festival without any editing that make the video more "beautiful". Front view (audience perspective) is most appropriate. Demo videos are not approved.

That is no problem and we know about this circumstance. It does not have to mean to have a high-resolution video with professional lighting. It can also be filmed in a training space as long as act and music are the same. If you have costumes, they should be worn for the video.

The only exception are comedy acts. In that case we highly recommend performances filmed in front of live audience with the original sound.

Technical Questions

Due to security and insurance reasons every participating artist is responsible to provide their own rigging material (carabiner, rope etc,). However we are happy to support you if you have any questions about the right material.

Yes, we can provide a crash mat with the following measurements: length 1.95m, width 1.22m, height 0.30m If a bigger mat is required the artist needs to bring it along.

In our technical rider: Download
If you are unsure you can contact us or include a technical draft to your application.

It is also possible to perform in the middle of the theatre above the audience. There is another hanging point located and there is more height than on stage. For more information please check our technical rider.

Organizational Questions

For all in the show participating artists. The exact amount can be found among our participant information.

No, the travel costs will only be paid once the artist has arrived and the festival hast started.

No, these need to be carried by the artist. However, we will help you with the organization.

We understand that travel expenses can be very high especially if you come from far away by plane. Unfortunately it is not possible to take parts or all transportation costs. We are happy to help you to find alternative solution for the transport etc.

You will be living in an accommodation within walking distance of the theatre or in the artist apartments of Krystallpalast Varieté Leipzig, which is located in the same building as the theatre. You wil be either staying in a double bedroom or twin bedroom. Solo artists may be sharing their room with other artists from the festival. Duos will be staying in one room.

Yes, there will be three meals per day in the theatre. The costs for catering will be carried by Krystallpalast Varieté Leipzig.

The aim of the Newcomershow is to present new, extraordinary artists and performances to the German Variety scene, to establish a career in Germany. Therfore, we think it is more useful to connect prices with contracts at well-known German Variety theatres. A list of awards from last year's show can be found here.

Further questions and information about the organization of the festival you can find in our information sheet Download.