The expert Jury traditionally consist of representatives of German Variety theatres and former artists. Together they vote for the Grand Award of the Jury which comprises a contract at Krystallpalast Varieté Leipzig. Further, each represented Variety theatre awards a special prize connected to a contract to their favorite artist.


Silvia Cabello  Director Varieté et cetera, Bochum


Georg Strecker  Director Wintergarten Varieté, Berlin


Simone Schnell  Casting & Booking GOP Showconcept, Hannover


Dorothee Kipp Casting & Booking, Circus Roncalli

Heike Grammbitter Director Pegasus Varieté, Bensheim


Berti Hahn Director Festungsvarieté, Koblenz


Gerd Voigt Artist, Leipzig


Urs Jäckle Artistic Director Krystallpalast Varieté, Leipzig