The Festival

The Show

The Newcomershow has become Germanys most prestigious Variety festival.

We offer performers of any age a chance to deput their talent in German Variety. It is a competition among artists from all over the world and regulary attendet by over 70 agents, bookers and artistic directors. 

After the award ceremony on the last day all the artists and professionals are invited to a meet and greet to make contacts and contracts.

Many artists that have performed at our show got their first contract in Germany during the festival.





June 30th // Premiere

July 1st - 3rd // Show days

July 6th - 9th // Show days

July 10th //  Gala with Professional Audience, Jury and Awards



At the Gala show on Sunday evening, a Jury consisting of leading German Variety theatres and circus experts will award the winner with a contract at Krystallpalast Varieté Leipzig.

Furthermore, the audience will vote for their favorite performance.

We are also looking forward to further special awards which are also connected with a contract at the following theatres:

Wintergarten Varieté, Berlin

GOP Showconcept, Hannover 

Pegasus Varieté, Bensheim 

Varieté et cetera, Bochum

Circus Roncalli & Roncalli's Apollo Varieté, Düsseldorf

Winterträume Varieté, Pforzheim

Festungsvarieté, Koblenz